Lawns & Irrigation Solutions

Hydroseeding and Sodding

Donnie Mac’s Landscaping has been installing lawns for over 25 years. We perform a process called hydroseeding which mixes the seed and starter fertilizer with a mulch material and when sprayed on the soil, helps to hold the seed in place until it can germinate and begin to grow. Hydroseeding eliminates the mess of loose straw blowing around and actually helps to maintain the moisture needed for growth. Sodding is also a service that we provide which will transform your dirt yard into a bright green masterpiece in a very short time. Sodding is a wonderful alternative to hydroseeding when you have small children or pets who want to enjoy the lawn right away. We will help you solve erosion problems and ease your lawn care needs.

Irrigation Solutions

The only way to ensure successful lawn growth is by proper watering and fertilizing maintenance. We stand behind our lawns if an irrigation system is installed and set up by a qualifying sprinkler installation company. We can coordinate the sprinkler system proposal and installation for you. We are also experienced in programming watering schedules and can help you adjust watering times to help get your lawn established.

My wife and I just wanted to thank you, your designer, and on-site team that completed our backyard patio, drainage issue, excavating, and playground area. Everyone involved was professional, knowledgeable and accommodating. We were fully aware of the challenge of the drainage and work area challege due to our wooded lot. We are very pleased with the results. Please thank Joe and his crew as well as E., our designer. Thanks!

-Kevin and Heather, Green Bay, WI